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He’s bent on breaking the rules. She’s determined to keep them. Sparks fly when opposites attract in this fun holiday romance!

When Randy Stoltz comes home for Christmas on college break, he isn’t counting on knocking beautiful Holly Remington off her feet on the ice-skating rink. Neither is he counting on falling head-over-heals for his brother Wesley’s ex-love interest. Holly’s different from any woman Randy’s ever known, and she challenges him to do hard things, namely, reconciling with his Amish grandparents. 

Holly can’t help thinking about Randy Stoltz, even though he’s the type of guy she never would have considered dating in the past. She’s undeniably drawn to his charm, and his good looks only complicate matters. She desires to live for God, and although Randy is a Christian, his priorities remain elsewhere. Can she help open his eyes to the beauty and blessings that a real relationship with God can provide?

Will Randy and Holly find faith, joy…and love…this holiday season?

Unlikely Sweethearts paperback

SKU: 978-1940492551
  • 255 pages from Blessed Publishing

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