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A missed opportunity. A summer of regret. And a Christmas miracle.

The moment Christopher Stoltz met the mysterious young Amish woman at his cousin’s wedding, he knew there was something special about her. But they’d only spoken briefly, and he’d failed to get her name—or discover which Amish district she was from, to his dismay. So, when they cross paths again, he vows not to make the same mistake twice. There’s one little problem, though. She’s already in a relationship with a minister’s son.

Judy Mishler is shocked when she attends church in her beau’s new district and reconnects with the handsome mystery man she’d met over the summer. Not only is Christopher Stoltz brave, but he seems to be everything she’s dreamed about, and their chemistry—something missing with her current beau—is undeniable. But is Christopher a genuine hero, or is he just a pretender?

Will it take a Christmas miracle for them to find their happily ever after?

(For those who read An Unexpected Christmas Gift in the USA TODAY bestseller Amish Christmas Miracles collection, does the name Mishler sound familiar? You'll find out why in this book! Previously published in the More Amish Christmas Miracles collection.)

Unlikely Singing paperback

SKU: 978-1940492902
  • 127 pages from Blessed Publishing

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