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A love story…a Christmas story…and a miracle.

Christmas for the Stoltz family has been different ever since young Jaycee Parker mistook an Amish bishop for Santa Claus.

Now that James Stoltz’s parents have been shunned by their Amish community, his family finally has a chance at a real relationship with them—something impossible when his sons Wesley and Randy were growing up.

As the family gathers once again for Christmas, James and Robin reveal their own love story and how the hand of God guided their journey to each other and to Him.

If you enjoyed Unlikely Santa…if you enjoyed Unlikely Sweethearts…if you enjoyed Unlikely Singing…then you’ll definitely want to read Unlikely Season!

A heart-touching story of faith, hope, and love.

Unlikely Season paperback

SKU: 978-1940492919
  • 192 pages from Blessed Publishing

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