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How much would you sacrifice for true love?

Brighton Parker is in his last year of school and his prospects for college are unbelievable. But he can’t get the pretty Amish girl he met last summer at Grossdawdi Christopher’s out of his head. The more time he spends with Bethany Byler, the more he realizes she’s the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Sure, his great grandparents are Amish, but none of his immediate family are, and he had no Amish upbringing. But he knows that to be with Bethany in the forever sort of way, he’ll have to alter his life drastically. Not to mention, he’s quite certain his entire family will be against the notion—namely, his younger brother Jaycee who thinks he holds the world in his hands.

For Bethany to leave the Amish would be an even greater sacrifice. She’d lose her entire family, all her friends, and the tight-knit community she grew up in.

Will God provide a solution for their impossible problem?

Another heart-touching story in the Unlikely Amish Christmas series you won’t want to put down!

Unlikely Sacrifice paperback

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