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Now get The Trespasser in audiobook! 

An abandoned home. An unexpected connection. A forbidden romance.


When a storm brings Englisch single mother Kayla and Amish widower Silas Miller together, will both of their lives change forever?


When Kayla finds herself alone in the world, she travels across the country in search of her young daughter’s biological father. But her plans are quickly derailed when she’s forced to seek shelter in an abandoned home in a small Amish community. There, she meets kind widower Silas Miller—and learns a devastating truth. Will she accept her disappointments and learn to trust in the God she thinks abandoned her?


Amish widower Silas Miller is surprised to discover a young woman and child inhabiting the home he’s been charged with caring for. He decides to let them stay temporarily, then he discovers a secret that binds the three of them and could change his life forever. Silas knows what God is asking of him. He must decide whether he will listen to God’s still small voice, or risk losing everything—including his Amish family.


A heart-touching story about trusting God's plan your life.


Note: This is a digital MP3 product in a zip drive. Upon purchase, simply download the file directly from your order confirmation page or click the link in the email. File should download within seconds. :)

The Trespasser audiobook

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