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Will Martha and Jaden get a shot at love, or is their relationship doomed to end before it even begins?


At the age of thirty-one, Martha Miller’s chances of finding a life mate are basically nil in her Amish community. That is, until she reunites with her one-time friend, bachelor Jaden Beachy, at her niece’s wedding. Maybe Der Herr hasn’t forgotten about her status as a single woman after all. Although they agree to exchange letters after the wedding, he remains emotionally aloof, and Martha is determined to find out why.


Jaden Beachy didn't expect to see Martha Miller ever again after her family moved away to Indiana when the two of them were just scholars. Even at the tender age of eight, Jaden had been attracted to kind Martha. But Jaden carries a deep secret that he’s never shared with anybody—a secret that could send Martha fleeing to the hills.


When Jaden’s older brother Josiah informs him that their school is in need of a teacher and invites him to come stay with him in Indiana, Jaden takes a leap of faith. Perhaps moving away can help him forget about his past failures. But living in the next district over from Martha’s, along with their close family ties, will guarantee they’ll run into each other. Especially since Martha teaches at the school in her Amish community.


Will Jaden dare share his secret with Martha? Or should he sever their relationship as soon as possible to save her from inevitable heartbreak?


The Teacher is the surprising book six in the bestselling Amish Country Brides series!

Books in the AMISH COUNTRY BRIDES Series include:

The Trespasser
The Heartbreaker
The Charmer
The Drifter
The Giver
The Teacher
The Widower
The Keeper
The Pretender
The Arranger
The Healer
The Newcomer (prequel to the series)

Characters you'll laugh, cry, and fall in love with. Faith-filled Amish love stories set in Indiana from USA TODAY bestselling author Jennifer Spredemann!


231 pages

The Teacher (Amish Country Brides) #6 paperback

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