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It was only supposed to be a pretend courtship. That was the deal. It hadn’t included a kiss.


Amy Troyer was shocked two years ago when her fiancé left her for the Englisch world. But now he’s back, and rumor has it he’s engaged to a woman from another Amish district. With the community's upcoming weddings and holiday festivities being planned, the last thing Amy wants is to show up dateless. So, she hatches a plan to not only make her ex jealous, but to silence the pitiful stares from family and friends.


At first, Nathaniel Miller balks at the idea of pretending to be Amy Troyer’s significant other, but he admits he’d like to axe his brothers’ teasing. As the two of them get acquainted and spend more time together, though, he finds himself falling for his schweschder’s best friend.


Could it possibly be Der Herr—instead of Amy—orchestrating their fake courtship?

The Pretender is the fun ninth book in the Amish Country Brides series!

Books in the AMISH COUNTRY BRIDES Series include:

The Trespasser
The Heartbreaker
The Charmer
The Drifter
The Giver
The Teacher
The Widower
The Keeper
The Pretender
The Arranger
The Healer
The Newcomer (prequel to the series)

Characters you'll laugh, cry, and fall in love with. Faith-filled Amish love stories set in Indiana from USA TODAY bestselling author Jennifer Spredemann!


182 pages

The Pretender (Amish Country Brides) #9 paperback

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