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This is where it all began...

Silas Miller's life is exciting, and he and his friends have their whole lives ahead of them.

Until their rumspringa trip turns into a reeling tragedy.

Then his folks inform their family they will be moving from Pennsylvania Amish country to Indiana.

Indiana appears to be a fast track to nowhere - until Silas meets pretty Sadie Ann.

Sadie Ann hadn't expected a new family to show up in their community. But when handsome Silas Miller catches her eye, she knows there's something special about him.

When she learns of his past, she can't help but want to be part of his future. But will a man like Silas give her the time of day - given her own past?

Can Gott heal Silas's heart and give him and Sadie Ann a promising future - together?

Readers of the Amish Country Brides series will appreciate learning about the past of their favorite characters in this exciting prequel!

Buy this Amish romance series today and be transported to beautiful Amish Country!

The Trespasser (Amish Country Brides)
The Heartbreaker (Amish Country Brides)
The Charmer (Amish Country Brides)
The Drifter (Amish Country Brides)
The Giver (Amish Country Brides Christmas)
The Teacher (Amish Country Brides)
The Widower (Amish Country Brides)
The Keeper (Amish Country Brides)
The Pretender (Amish Country Brides)
The Arrangement (featured in the Amish Spring Romance collection)
The Healer (Amish Country Brides)
The Newcomer (Amish Country Brides)

Publisher's Note:
Each story is between 200-300 pages (with the exception of The Pretender and The Arrangement, which are a little shorter in length) and can stand alone
For your convenience, each book includes a Reader Discussion Guide and Pennsylvania Dutch Glossary

The Newcomer (Amish Country Brides) paperback

SKU: 978-1-940492-88-9
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