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An independent Amish woman. A determined Amish man. And a love that knows no bounds.


Susan Miller is discontent with her Amish life, and considers doing something drastic—stepping away from the only life she’s ever known. Then, Joshua Beachy shows up to help work on their farm, creating confusion in her heart and even more disruption to her already-stressed environment. Susan finds it hard to ignore the handsome newcomer, especially when they discover an effortless friendship. Should she rethink her choices and consider a relationship with Joshua?


When Joshua Beachy’s family moves to a new Amish district in Indiana, he isn’t expecting to meet beautiful Susan Miller. He’s never known a feisty Amish woman like her. While he admits that he finds Susan alarmingly attractive, he knows the best course of action is to steer clear of a courtship with her. However, that seems impossible to do given the magnetic pull he feels when she’s near. But when she disappears after learning of his secret, he feels responsible for her departure.


Compelled to find her and ensure no harm will befall her, Joshua determines to search the nearby town until she's found. But how can he keep her safe in the Englisch world and maintain his good standing in the Amish community? Furthermore, how can he convince her that he has truly fallen in love with her?


An Amish romance about friendship, family, faith, and love that you won't be able to put down!


Books in the AMISH COUNTRY BRIDES Series include:

The Trespasser
The Heartbreaker
The Charmer
The Drifter
The Giver
The Teacher
The Widower
The Keeper
The Pretender
The Arranger (currently titled The Arrangement in the Amish Spring Romance collection, solo book will be available May 2023)
The Healer
The Newcomer (prequel to the series)

Characters you'll laugh, cry, and fall in love with. Faith-filled Amish love stories set in Indiana from USA TODAY bestselling author Jennifer Spredemann!

The Keeper (Amish Country Brides)

SKU: 978-1940492599
  • 224 pages

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