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I will stop at nothing to protect the man I love - even if it means sacrificing my own reputation.

My Amish community has placed on me the strictest Bann they've ever enacted. It is something they felt they must do to deter others from engaging in the same sinful behavior as me.

The leaders have one request from me - that I name my child's vatter. But I refuse to confess. I will never reveal his identity. Because of my rebellion, I am required to wear a dress of our community's verboten color, and I must live a life of isolation apart from my loved ones. Everyone is warned to avoid me, the woman in the crimson dress, lest they become tainted with sin my too.

I'm saddened they feel the need to punish me. But I am not alone. I have my boppli, after all.

As far as my boppli's vatter goes, his identity must never ever be revealed.


It is a secret I will take to my grave.

An intriguing Amish take on The Scarlet Letter!



The Crimson Dress paperback

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