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If you enjoyed my novelette, Only Love, and would like to own a copy in paperback, now is your chance!


Read Gabriel and Bethany's second-chance love story.


Only love can break your heart...


   Bethany Lehman still hasn't been able to get past the heartbreak she experienced at the hands of her former beau, Gabriel Stolzfus. 


  And now that handsome Gabriel is engaged to another Amish woman, the pain of losing him cuts that much deeper. How can Gabriel just forget the love they'd shared and simply move on? Or, if the brutal rumors were true, had he been secretly seeing Ruth Ann while he and Bethany were still courting?


   When Bethany's best friend Sylvia informs her she'll be paired with Gabriel at her wedding, Bethany is determined to paste a smile on her face and  suffer through the happy day for her friend's benefit - no matter what it costs her own heart.


  How will Bethany get over the only man she's ever loved? Or does Gott have another plan Bethany can't see?


A sweet love story you won't want to miss!



Only Love paperback (novelette)

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