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Don't just read the book - experience it!


A book box is the PERFECT gift for a reader who wants more than just a story.


What exactly is it? I'm glad you asked.


It's basically a box that includes one paperback book (signed by the author) and several small, wrapped mystery items (3-5 gifts for regular, 5-7 gifts for deluxe) that are either bookish in nature or pertain to the story. Each box would include at least one authentic Amish made item and/or one item purchased in an Amish store. (The perks of living in Amish country.)


How it works: Open the box, read the Read Me First instructions. Begin reading the book. On certain pages, while reading the story, the reader will be prompted to open one of the gifts. As they continue reading, they will continue to open gifts at each prompt until they are all unwrapped.


Book boxes are luxury items and would be suitable for gifting to a friend, family member, or someone who loves Amish books. Or, you can certainly indulge in one for yourself!


Are you ready to put a smile on someone's face? (Even if it's yours.) Jah, I thought so!


NOTE: Due to the nature of this gift, each book box is unique even if the same book box is ordered twice. While some items may remain the same from box to box, the chances of two book boxes containing the exact same gifts are slim.


(See how to order section below)


*not eligible for free shipping

An Englischer's Amish Courtship Book Box

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