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Book 4 in USA Today Bestselling Author Jennifer Spredemann's brand-new Amish Courtship Series!


When Clive Eicher escapes death after an accident, he can’t help but feel grateful to the Englisch woman who swerved to miss his buggy. Or feel responsible for her dire circumstances. The least he can do is see to her and her boppli’s wellbeing and offer them a place to stay while she recovers from her injuries.


Living with a dead Amish man on her conscience wasn’t an option for Amanda Taylor—not after all the regrets she already carried. But the last thing she imagined is getting stuck in Amish country and birthing her baby here—in the most embarrassing way. But since she has little choice in the matter, she’s resolved to accept her circumstances and be grateful for a place to heal—physically and emotionally.


The handsome Amish man who rescued Amanda and her baby, intrigues her. His honest and thoughtful ways are so different than the men life has dealt her thus far.


As Clive and Mandy spend more time together, neither of them can deny the spark between them. But a romantic relationship between the two of them can never be…unless God somehow intervenes.


An intriguing story of fierce faith and forbidden love that you won’t want to put down!

An Englischer's Amish Courtship (Amish Courtship Series - Book 4) paperback

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