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Book FIVE in the beloved Amish Courtship Series is another story you won't want to put down!

What was supposed to be the happiest day of Becca Mishler's life, turns into a tragedy she never imagined. Now, she must pick up the pieces and move on - alone. To honor her beloved's wishes, she decides to embark on her honeymoon and meet the best friend Jonathan had always raved about.

When Zane Eicher's best friend's grieving fiancée shows up at his home in Pinecraft, Florida without her expected husband, Zane is determined to help her anyway he can. He thought he'd remain an Amish bachelor his entire life. But as he and Becca spend time together, friendship grows between them.

Could what started out as tragedy become the greatest blessing of their lives? Or will secrets from the past destroy an already fledgling relationship?

Get swept away by Zane and Becca's tender love story, and believe that all things work together for good when God is on your side!

A Seaside Amish Courtship (Amish Courtship Series - Book 5) paperb

Releases June 25
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