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Introducing the Amish Courtship Series!


Meet Sammy Eicher and his siblings and get to know them as they learn about faith, life, and love in Indiana Amish country.


If you've read the Amish Country Brides series, you'll recognize the name Sammy Eicher - beloved grandfather of Michael Eicher (first introduced in The Heartbreaker.)


The Amish Courtship Series begins with Sammy's own love story and how he and Bertie first met. This exciting, heartwarming series continues with each of Sammy's siblings.


If you love Spredemann's Amish stories and characters, this series will be no exception.


Get ready to fall in love with the Eicher family!


Another series from USA Today Bestselling Author Jennifer Spredemann that you won't want to put down!


Sammy Eicher isn’t your typical Amish man—he’s a risk taker and a rebel. Roberta Kauffman is his best friend’s younger sister—and completely off-limits.


Roberta has had a crush on Sammy forever. But now that he’s dating an Englischer, she fears he’ll never notice she exists.


When her brother Glen and Sammy have a falling out and Roberta's strict father forbids a relationship between her and Sammy, their challenges seem insurmountable.


But Bertie believes that with God, all things are possible.  Will she be able to tame Sammy's wild side?


Will Sammy and Bertie find their Amish happily ever after or will Bertie lose Sammy to the Englisch world for good?


148 pages, paperback

A Forbidden Amish Courtship (Amish Courtship Series - Book 1) paperback

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