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More Amish Christmas Miracles

Do you love Christmas stories?

There's just something dreamy about the holiday season that can be captured in stories. Spending more time with family, watching snow fall outside the window, sipping on a warm beverage, or curling up by the fire with a book - all special things in their own right - but the true blessing of Christmas is the miracle that God gave to all mankind: Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world.

In this special collection of Christmas stories, you'll get a glimpse into the life of each character and experience how they spend Christmas. How do you spend the holiday season? Do have any special traditions? Do you go caroling? Attend candlelight services? Build a snowman?

Since I grew up in central California, I never had the pleasure of a "White Christmas", although I knew the song well. We had some cold days, some sunny days, and some foggy days, but never snowy days. Moving to Indiana changed that for me. I now get to enjoy snowy winters every year! (Yes, I LOVE them!) I still have yet to experience dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh, though. ;) It would be on my bucket list if I had one. (I keep bugging my hubby to go check out the red sleigh one of our Amish neighbors down the road is selling...maybe some day.)

One favorite family tradition growing up was spending a week at the coast after Christmas. Most of the family on my mother's side would load up their RVs or tents and head out to a campground along the central California coast. It was a tradition my late grandparents started when they were young. We had the time of our lives there, whether it was playing card & board games in the evening, surfing, deep sea fishing, a game of volleyball, or just hanging out by the fire making s'mores or indulging in a mouth-watering bowl of Cioppino. And there was always laughter - a lot of laughter. Precious memories I'll never forget!

But times change, loved ones pass on, and we either keep our traditions or begin new ones, or both. One new tradition we started with our immediate family is keeping a manger in our house during the season. I love the physical reminder that Jesus came some two thousand years ago and will come again soon to rescue His people and abolish evil for good. What a day that will be!

In our upcoming book, More Amish Christmas Miracles, you'll spend the season with our characters as they renew their faith in God, strengthen family ties, and, of course, fall in love.

Join me this week as I take over the Amish Christmas Miracles Facebook group. I'll be talking about my story in the collection, we'll play a game, have a giveaway or two, and I might share a snippet of my story in the collection, Unlikely Singing. I hope to connect with you there!


Jennifer Spredemann

Heart-Touching Amish Fiction


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