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An AMISH Wedding!

(Note: All images in this post are copyright. All rights reserved. Please do not save/store/use.) Photos taken with permission.

Have you ever attended an Amish wedding? I recently had the privilege of attending my first Amish wedding. It was for one of my hubby's coworkers and his bride. We were some of the few Englischers in attendance. Since I've written about and researched the Amish for several years now, there wasn't really anything that took me by surprise. The service was held in a barn (see photo) and lasted about three hours. The majority of the service was spoken in Pennsylvania Dutch, with some English. There were a combination of the classic backless wooden benches we've all read about and white plastic folding chairs. Our family sat together and we were seated in the middle of the men's section.

(I apologize for the poor image quality. Photos taken with my phone, some through my windshield.)

Large barn where wedding was held

Interior of barn during service

Unlike the blue dresses (for the wedding party) we're used to reading about, the young ladies wore pretty burgundy/plum color dresses with white capes and aprons and black kapps. The bride's attire was identical, except she wore a white kapp.

During the service, we listened to German hymns from the Ausbund reminiscent of a Gregorian chant. The longest song lasted nearly twenty-five minutes.

After the service, everyone headed to the local Amish community center, located next to the school.

Hubby riding along with an Amish friend to the reception

Many walked the short distance to the reception. I'm guessing many of these guests were transported to the area by tour bus from Northern Indiana.

And the wedding meal!

Buggy parking

If you have any thoughts or questions, I'd love to hear them! Have you attended an Amish wedding?

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I hope this post was enjoyable!


Jennifer Spredemann

Heart-Touching Amish Fiction


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