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It's almost here!

September 1 is the actual release date for my latest book, An Amish Deception, but the ebook is actually available for pre-order NOW! You can find it here:

What's it about?

Jacob King and his twin brother Ephraim have always been rivals at everything. But when Jacob deceives his father into signing a will that only benefits one of them, leaving Ephraim with nothing, his brother seeks revenge. Jacob flees for his life and journeys to another town to work for a distant relative. While there, Jacob falls helplessly in love with Rachel and seeks to win her heart.

Young Rachel Schmidt is instantly smitten when handsome Jacob King rolls into town. As time goes by, they court, fall deeply in love, and plan to marry. But Rachel’s father has other plans.

Will past secrets destroy their chance at happily ever after? Will Jacob and Rachel’s love survive when their dreams are ripped from their hands?



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