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An Undeniable Secret
(Amish Secrets - Book 4)

From USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Spredemann comes an impossible love story fans of Amish fiction will love!

She’s Amish. He’s not. And that’s not even their biggest obstacle.

Saloma Troyer, the oldest of eight daughters, is shattered when tragedy strikes her family. As she attempts to pick up the pieces and move on, she meets a handsome Englischer at the library. She should focus on what’s best for her family’s future, but her heart only wants to be with Will.

William Griffith is certain Sally is the one God has planned for his future wife, but there’s one little problem: she’s Amish. His uncle would never approve of it—not to mention her Amish community's restrictions. But Will is determined to pursue Sally at any cost, until a family secret unravels their already fragile relationship.

Can they work through their differences and forge a life of love, or will the secret destroy any chance of a happily ever after?

An Undeniable Secret features memorable characters and twists and turns you’ll never expect. Start reading today to discover this delightful Amish romance.

Books in this series:
An Unforgivable Secret
A Secret Encounter
A Secret of the Heart
An Undeniable Secret
A Secret Sacrifice
A Secret of the Soul
A Secret Christmas

Publisher's Note:
Each story is between 200-300 pages and can stand alone
Reader Discussion Guides are available upon request through the author's website

An Undeniable Secret (Amish Secrets - book 4)
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