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A Secret Sacrifice
(Amish Secrets - Book 5)

From USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Spredemann comes a page-turning novel of love, sacrifice, heroism, and forgiveness!

After losing everything in a fire, Rosanna Keim and her family move to Honey Ridge. Temporarily living with the Zook family, she and the Zook’s handsome eldest son, Zach, discover a mutual attraction to each other. But it is Zach's best friend, John who sweetly pursues the pretty school teacher and wins her heart.

Believing his departure from the Amish is best for all, Zach leaves for the Englisch world. But a tragic injury leaves him a shadow of the man he used to be, and he knows he'd never make a gut Amish husband.

It was Zach’s choice to leave, and John is loyal to the core, but he can’t help but be jealous of the life his friend has built with beautiful Rosanna.

Rosanna and John must navigate the challenges of marriage, while Zach must overcome his own struggles. When the unfathomable happens, the secrets of the past are revealed and there is more to the story than any of them knew.

A Secret Sacrifice is a moving story of love, loss, honor and sacrifice that will keep you turning pages. Start reading today and fall in love with these characters as they discover God’s plans for their future.

Books in this series:
An Unforgivable Secret
A Secret Encounter
A Secret of the Heart
An Undeniable Secret
A Secret Sacrifice
A Secret of the Soul
A Secret Christmas

Publisher's Note:
Each story is between 200-300 pages and can stand alone
Reader Discussion Guides are available upon request through the author's website

A Secret Sacrifice (Amish Secrets - book 5)
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